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A Note on Political Instability

Political instability encourages economic uncertainty. Economic uncertainty encourages rent-seeking. Rent-seeking encourages inequality. Inequality encourages more political instability. It’s a cycle, but the reverse is true: Political stability encourages economic confidence. Economic confidence encourages sharing of wealth. Sharing of wealth sharing … Continue reading

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izithakazelo zendawo

Originally posted on White Zulu:
When I first explain this concept to speakers of English, their reply is disbelief – “how can it be that each place has a praise-name?” The answer to this question goes to the heart of…

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Suspected Bank Thieves?

This morning, I make go to an ATM to make a transaction. The only person in the queue is a (young, black) construction worker – CW for short – standing far away (about 3 meters) from the ATM. I join … Continue reading

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How white people created the conditions for anti-immigrant riots in South Africa

“After being dragged kicking and screaming into the South African state, forced to assimilate, then segregated, obsessively classified and reclassified, the contemporary emergence of a fiery and aggressive Zuluness is not unexpected.”

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Thoughts on Political Ongoings (April 2015)

A message has been doing the rounds on social media claiming “NO LIVING PEOPLE, BLACK OR WHITE, ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR WHAT OTHER BLACK AND WHITE PEOPLE DID GENERATIONS AGO.” My response to it is always the same: We may not be … Continue reading

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Opinion on #RhodesMustFall

#RhodesMustFall. I’ve heard a lot about the issue, but I’ve deliberately delayed coming to an opinion about the UCT statue of Cecil John Rhodes. While I’m late in expressing my thoughts, here they are: Rhodes Must Fall. There should be … Continue reading

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South African Names

South African names are steeped in so much meaning and significance. Many (if not almost all) of them are words or terms that are used directly in everyday language. Here are a few of my favourites, along with (related) facts about the people known by them: … Continue reading

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