Life Is Choices

Life is choices. Choices have consequences. And it’s these from these consequences that you are able to learn what kind of life you are living.

Consequences are usually seen as a bad thing: ‘Do it, or suffer the consequences… Be warned; there are consequences…’ But it’s a great thing that consequences exist because life, without them, is senseless. We see this all the time with people who have grown up not having to deal with consequences; it’s difficult for them to realise, understand, and change their negative habits or develop positive ones. My own journey towards appreciating these facts of life has been a long and tedious one; and it’s far from over.

Isn’t it amazing to be able to see the effects of something you’ve been responsible for? I mean, it’s not always pleasant (to be sure, sometimes it’s agonising) but even those experiences that result in negative consequences have countless life lessons hidden in them, waiting for you to learn from!

I find such comfort in the fact that there’s always something to learn from mistakes and failure. I can say this because more often than not, I see them as opportunities for growth and progress – growth and progress that will have come as a consequence of choices I have made. What a privilege.

Life is choices. Choices have consequences. And consequences are what make life worth living.


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