The Adagio Albinoni Didn’t Compose

After listening to Albinoni’s Adagio in G minor (up until today, the only composition to his name I’ve ever heard) for what must be more than the 100th time, I started to get the feeling that there was something out of place about the piece. It’s an absolutely beautiful composition, but something about it sounds… not correct. It’s too ‘humble’ to be baroque, and very far ahead of its time.

Sure enough, a quick Google search shows that it’s a 20th century Albinoni-inspired composition by Remo Giazotto. Giazotto claimed to have arranged or composed the piece on a Albinoni manuscript containing only a bass line.

Now that I have noticed it, I feel like it was bound to happen. After all, there is something about the composition that seems to solemnly plead to be listened to over and over again; something about it that seems to want to be understood.

This is the second time something like this has happened to me (in no way am I going to claim to be an expert on these things). There is a Bach/Vivaldi compilation album on my music library on which I had mistakenly labelled the movement ‘Et In Terra Pax Hominibus’ as being a Bach composition. Although it took a long time (probably since I playlist and shuffle my music), I eventually realised that something didn’t sound at all like Bach about it; something I should have noticed much earlier as an self-proclaimed avid Bach fan. 

It’s nice to know I still have somewhat of an ear for these things. All those music theory lessons in high school are paying off.




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