Guest Blog: Youth Day (by Vincent Obisie)

Democracy starts with an X

When I think of June 16 1976, I – like most South Africans raised in democratic SA (with the exclusion of nationalistic individuals of all races who do not really care about the sacrifices made for democracy) – automatically imagine myself running from a tank or machine gun fire during the Soweto Uprising and other fights and protests by the youth against the monster of Apartheid. For the sacrifices all those young ladies and gentlemen made, a holiday was made commemorating this struggle.

Now I sit in my bedroom in my family house in the suburb of Northcliff, wondering what happened to the promise and vision of the people of 1976. I mean as I write this, South Africa is in a serious crisis. I am presently thinking of an Afrikaans word that describes the situation but due to fact that this blog is kosher, I will leave it for…

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