In case you missed it: Some highlights of day 3 of TEDGlobal 2013: Think Again

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The final full day of TEDGlobal 2013 comprised three jampacked sessions. “State of the Nations” included insights from China, the Middle East, and thoughts for fixing the dysfunctional global system of governance. “Forces of Change,” curated by TED Senior Fellows Erik Hersman and Adrian Hong, introduced us to fresh thinking about Africa, and provided a harrowing, personal tale of escape from North Korea. And “Imagined Beauty” included cloud painting, the body as canvas, poetry and much, much more. As always, all three sessions included musical interludes to take the edge off the intensity. Here, an entirely personal, totally subjective look at some of the day’s standout moments.

Joseph Kim told us of life during the Great Famine in North Korea of 1994. His father died of starvation, his mother disappeared, and his sister, who left to find money and food, never returned. In a quiet but enormously powerful talk…

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