Know Your Politics: How to Vote

#1 – How to Vote.

Election season in Mzansi is on its way. As most of us know, things get a little bit crazy what with everyone trying to convince you who, and who not to vote for. Now more than ever, it is important that you are voting for a party that will give you a voice. So, in the spirit of democracy, here is a short ‘3-step test’ (from my previous article) you can give to every party you might be considering:

1) Has this party done enough to improve the South Africa I live in today?

2) Does this party share my vision for the South Africa I want to live in?

3) Will this party make me feel like I matter and have a say with regards to how my country is run?

Any party that scores less than 2 out of 3 does not deserve your vote, and if none of them do, then you have the option of spoiling your ballot. Be aware that not voting at all is effectively a vote for the party that wins the majority; but don’t be fooled into thinking that it is your party that will win. Remember, your vote is your secret, and the only person who really needs to know is you.

Elections are held because there are not enough seats in Parliament for the entire nation, so we choose people to represent us there as well as in Government. Voting is just one of the many democratic means available to us as citizens to help each other make Mzansi the country we want it to be.

Presidents and their governments will come and go. South Africa is here to stay. So it’s important that we keep our elected leaders – whoever they are – accountable to the values upheld in our Constitution, and doing that means asking some serious questions before we cast our ballots.

Know your politics.


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