At home, there is a water bottle that stays in the fridge, and I often find myself finishing the last bit of water left in it. Consequently, it is often me who fills the water bottle up so there will be cool water for the next person who will drink it.

On this particularly hot day, two mechanics came to the house to replace the windscreen of a car. I was sent to give them some water, so I took a clean glass and the entire bottle and served it to them (as we do in Mzansi when serving guests). When the two mechanics were done, one of them returned the lot, minus the water. I put  it all by the sink and left it there – After all, I didn’t finish the water. And so I went on with my day, having escaped a chore.

Later that night (it was still very hot), I walked through the kitchen door and immediately reached for the fridge to pour myself a glass of cold water. To my dismay, the fridge was waterless! I looked from top to bottom, hoping to find that it had been put somewhere other than its usual spot – all the while angry that someone hadn’t refilled the water – only to find the empty bottle lying on a tray with an empty glass, next to the sink. ‘Ah.’

Had I refilled the bottle earlier (in spite of the lethargy that heat brings with it), I wouldn’t have had to to do it later, and I or someone else could have enjoyed its cold water when it was most needed. Such is virtue.


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