~ Psoelm ~

The Lord elects the leaders of the world,

From sages and simpletons alike.

He raises nations from men imperfect,

People just like you and me,

And makes giants of the most ordinary

All for the sake of his subtle plan.

This is why God dishonours pride,

And calls our vainest efforts ‘sin’:

He already has a destiny set out for us –

A fortune for which he wills all life.

He is its maker,

He who knows its beginning and its end.

Discover his will, dear reader –

By whatever name you may call him –

There’s great reward in it,

If not now, then one day…

One day a President will come –

A super-power over every nation,

But he will be one like no other –

To perfect the things corrupted by us,

The Christ

(On whom we can pin every hope).

~ Zanokuhle ~

(23 Jan 2013)

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uza nokuhle
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